sour tsunami

Happy Spring 2013

This should be an exciting year for cannabis.
~We are working on some new CBD strains.
~Unfortunately we are running low on our Harle-Tsu, so we are limiting 1 pack per person.
~So we have made our Swiss-Tsu seed available
~Swiss-Tsu should have a 50% chance of being CBD rich.
~We are working on an in state shipping service, coming soon!
~Please do not ask us to break the law and send seeds out of California. Thank you

Now available, The offspring of Sour Tsunami

3/12 menu addon
Last summer I isolated one of my SOUR TSUNAMI males, with 14.81% CBD and 7% THC (with the help of Pure Analytics ) I bred this male with a Harlequin (8-9% CBD 4-5% THC)clone, a Cannatonic (10%CBD 5%THC) clone, and several other CBD rich strains. We are growing these seeds right now and have done some early tests to find out the CBD/THC ratios. The HARLE-TSU is showing a 75% (3 of 4) chance of being CBD rich. The CANNA-TSU is showing a 50% chance of being CBD rich. We have also released again our GRANNY DERKLE and RAMA MAMA (limited supply).