Emerald Cup 2013!

The Emerald Cup 2013

Happy Harvest Everybody!
We are excited to be a sponsor of the Emerald Cup this year. Celebrating Outdoor Organic Cannabis!
Last year was such a success that it out grew its home in the Emerald Triangle. It is now being held in Santa Rosa at the Sonoma County Fair Grounds on the 14th and 15th of December featuring great speakers and music.
Check it out~ http://theemeraldcup.com/event/

Lawrence will be speaking Saturday on the Cultivation Stage between 3:30 and 5:00 on the Breeding Healthy Genetics panel with
MzJil & Subcool, Ken Estes, and DJ short
We will have some of our newest CBD seeds!
Hope to see you there!

High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

Hello everyone, We will have a booth in the 215 area at the upcoming High Times Medical Cup in Richmond Ca 06/21/13. We will have seeds and clones available and will be showing off our new Cooperative- Lost Coast Botanical. We will be specializing in CBD extracts,Tinctures and CBD rich medicine.Also Baked in Humboldt will have their ensemble of Delicious infused medibles, a real treat for any Cannaisseur. Hope to see you all there! Peace.

Happy Spring 2013

This should be an exciting year for cannabis.
~We are working on some new CBD strains.
~Unfortunately we are running low on our Harle-Tsu, so we are limiting 1 pack per person.
~So we have made our Swiss-Tsu seed available
~Swiss-Tsu should have a 50% chance of being CBD rich.
~We are working on an in state shipping service, coming soon!
~Please do not ask us to break the law and send seeds out of California. Thank you

Happy 2013!!

High Times Medical Cannabis Cup LA

Happy New Year! We made it to 2013!!
We are signed up again to the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in L.A. This year it is on the 16th and 17th of February at the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino http://medcancup.com/

Great news ,Our Harle-Tsu won the High CBD Award at the Emerald Cup. She was grown by one of our Tea House Collective members and tested out at 21.8% CBD and 0.7 THC. Testing was done by SC Labs. The Harle-Tsu has shown to be currently our best CBD strain. We have now seen tests on the CBC dominant plants showing from 10 to 20% CBD, With many showing almost no THC.

Emerald Cup

We will be at the Emerald Cup, Dec 15th at the Mateel Community Center in Redway Ca. One of our favorite events that showcases some the Emerald Triangle's Premium growers and a chance to taste their Organically Grown in the Sun Herbs. This years event is sponsored by Weed Maps and Skunk Magazine. Should be an excellent time for all. Hope to see you there, Peace. PS check out the link, http://www.theemeraldcup.com/

Now available, The offspring of Sour Tsunami

3/12 menu addon
Last summer I isolated one of my SOUR TSUNAMI males, with 14.81% CBD and 7% THC (with the help of Pure Analytics ) I bred this male with a Harlequin (8-9% CBD 4-5% THC)clone, a Cannatonic (10%CBD 5%THC) clone, and several other CBD rich strains. We are growing these seeds right now and have done some early tests to find out the CBD/THC ratios. The HARLE-TSU is showing a 75% (3 of 4) chance of being CBD rich. The CANNA-TSU is showing a 50% chance of being CBD rich. We have also released again our GRANNY DERKLE and RAMA MAMA (limited supply).

Sour Tsunami Stabalized!

Get ready for next growing season

Sour Tsunami is our signature strain that is super high in CBD's and low in THC.

Enjoy the benefits of a really potent CBD Cannabis experience without the "high" associated with THC strong medicine.
We have used the newly available testing methods to direct the breeding of Sour Tsunami toward it's high CBD content.